My name is Jaime Guisado and I'm 22 years old. I was born in Bahia Solano, Colombia, but when I was 8 I moved to Conegliano, Italy. After some years I moved to Padua (where my family still lives) and, two years ago, I moved again, this time to Venice.


My greatest fortune was that my family has worked for half a century in the world of typography and graphics (Grafiche Turato), and consequently I have been formed by technicians and experts in this field. My high school was the "Giovanni Valle," a professional school of graphic design and photography where I received theoretical training from professors like Gianni Nalon, Maurizio Zorzi, Giuseppina Pagano.


After the diploma obtained in 2012, I chose to continue my studies making a bachelor's degree in science and techniques of graphic and multimedia communication at the IUSVE.







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